This came from Bon Appetit.  Their recipe was for a single serving, but we multiplied it and made it in a big pitcher, so this serves 8.  Great with chilled vodka in chilled glasses, or as is.  It comes out to a gorgeous pink color.  Refreshing!

Special tools:  wooden muddler, small mesh strainer

1 cup fresh lemon juice

½ cup raw (turbinado) sugar

2 big handfuls basil leaves

1 ½ pints very ripe strawberries, hulled and halved

¾ teaspoon salt

32 oz. sparkling or soda water

Chilled vodka (optional)

Chill some fancy glasses.  Combine all ingredients but the water in a large glass pitcher.  (Save a few of the prettier berries and basil leaves for garnish.)  Muddle (use a wooden spoon if you don’t have a muddler) until sugar dissolves and basil and strawberries are well mushed.   Add ice and fizzy water and stir to chill.  Put more ice into fancy glasses, add desired amount of chilled vodka.  Pour Strawberry soda through strainer into prepared glasses, garnish with half a strawberry and/or basil leaf, and serve immediately.

Printer friendly version: STRAWBERRY BASIL SODA


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